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Bude Metric Brass were originally conceived as a ten piece ensemble - hence the name "Metric" in their title. They wanted to be free of the constraints of more conventional town bands, but able to play music of their own choice, for their own pleasure. They quickly discovered that other people wanted to hear their music, so they began to undertake engagements at old people's homes,  charity functions, and civic events. 

The band have recruited new players with additional instruments since the formation of the original ten piece ensemble in 2003, and now have the capacity to perform even more challenging music. 

They have been described as "One of the best entertainment brass bands in north Cornwall, able to tackle anything from simple hymns and marches, to popular music, complex overtures, and big band sounds.” They have a wide repertoire that appeals to all ages, and will tailor their programme to suit the audience.

Bude Metric Brass play in support of charities and other institutions, and have recently presented their own charity concerts. The band do not charge for their services, but rely upon the goodwill of the organisers to make donations, which are then used for the purchase of new music.